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Maintenance Management

​​Without proper software, managing the maintenance of an entire fleet can be extremely time-consuming and wasteful. Making sure vehicles receive the right care on time, while spending minimum resources on managing the process, is another way to create efficiency and cut fleet operational costs.

Ituran’s maintenance management solution helps you stay on track when it comes to servicing your fleet. It gives a panoramic picture of service schedules for the entire fleet so that vehicle maintenance does not interfere with the company’s business operations, and creates an automated process to help fleet managers save time and resources by being more efficient.

Register each vehicle by model and use, and define their service requirements, the system will do the rest. Notifications when it is time to service each vehicle according to one-or several of the parameters that you defined (distance, time or engine hours), scheduled periodical reports (daily, weekly etc) and easy to configure ad-hoc reports to keep you on track with future maintenance needs.

  • Information displayed in reports by single vehicles and groups that you define

  • An easy-to-use interface for inputting information on services performed



Streamlines and automates maintenance management



Helps stay on track with maintenance schedules and run a healthy fleet


Prevents situations where maintenance conflicts with company’s
business operations


Allows to optimize resources and cut costs