Protect your goods while minimizing cooling costs with Ituran’s solution for temperature storage-room monitoring. Protect your company’s reputation and prevent costs associated with over/under cooling and compensation for damaged goods.

The system externally measures and controls temperature levels in closed spaces, independent of the installed cooling system. Data collected via sensors is analyzed to optimize cooling levels during the day; if temperature deviation occurs, real-time alerts via text message or e-mail allow immediate response before goods are damaged.

The solution is ideal for the Pharma and Food & Beveragecategories where goods are extremely sensitive to storage conditions, and is excellent for a variety of storage facilities including rooms, refrigerators, mobile refrigerating and computer rooms.

  • Accuracy of up to a tenth of a Celsius degree

  • User-friendly monitoring and management application via web/internal-organizational interface

  • Smart alerting mechanism measures temperature deviation according to criteria set by the customer in  the control and management application and sends alerts via text or e-mail



An independent in-vehicle device that stores up to 40,000 predefined landmarks and zones around them


Activates a selected trigger when approaching or entering thoes predefined locations


Triggers and alerts are activated in real-time, with no delay


Landmarks and alerts can be set/ changed from the device or remotely

Image by Tim Foster