Designed with fleet owners and manager in mind, Ituran’s fleet management platform is an essential tool for any company operating vehicles as part of its daily operations.

At the core of our solution, driver identification with real-time tracking and comprehensive reporting on vehicle location and status, as well as business-critical data to help optimize operations and make strategic decisions in real-time while improving driver safety, cutting operational costs (fuelwear and tear and maintenance) and protecting from irregular usage.

Ideal for any fleet size or type and easily integrated into existing apps and operations, the system requires driver identification before ignition (KeyPad, Dallas key or card reader), and streamlines all vehicle and driver performance information into practical, actionable data. Managerial reports provide detailed data-analysis and bottom-line business insights.

The system comes complete with comparative trip reports, allowing you to map out the most efficient routes and timetables, reduce fuel expenses and save time.

  1. Secure online web-based SaaS platform and IOS/Android app

  2. Historical data (up to 7 years back)

  3. Business Intelligence analysis on historical data provides critical insights for decision making

  4. Smart virtual area management interface: polygon, routes and map references

  5. Event manager for real-time vehicle/driver/location-related info

  6. Fleet policy component to automate policy control

  7. Indications and alerts via text message/e-mail

  8. Push notifications from app

  9. Powerful report engine which allows the design of tailored 



Supports operations and transforms information into practical and actionable data




Helps reduce ongoing operational and maintenance costs


Reliable, customizable and intuitive open software, scalable and ideal for any size and fleet type


Easily integrated into existing applications

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Fleet Management Software