Fuel accounts for the highest cumulative expense in the lifetime of any vehicle. Improving company fuel policies, managing consumption and taking measures to prevent fuel theft can provide significant savings over time.

Designed to increase efficiency and cut cost, Ituran’s platform for fuel management and monitoring collects fuel information from one of the following sources– CAN bus, embedded fuel tank sensors and company refuel cards– to provide fleet managers with a full picture of fuel consumption in the entire fleet.

The system provides detailed analysis of consumption per tank, driver, vehicle, trip and fleet, pointing out usage fluctuation and irregularities. 

With access to real-time and historical fuel data, fleet managers are able to closely supervise and monitor fuel usage trends to improve fuel management and reduce costs.

  • 24/7 real-time tracking and monitoring of fuel events via web

  • Reduces carbon emissions through fuel efficiency to help maintain environment-friendly policies



Improves fuel management and increase fuel efficiency


Generates significant savings


Reduces carbon emissions


Helps prevent fuel theft

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