Truck and Warehouse

Mobile Asset & Cargo Tracking

When it comes to trailers and other mobile assets, fleet managers face a new challenge: how to guarantee the safety of the mobile unit when it is unattached and not connected to electric power.

To address this problem, Ituran developed an easy-to-install, battery-operated, durable system that monitors, collects and analyzes accurate real-time information on the location of any mobile assets regardless of connectivity to a vehicle or power source. The device can handle even the harshest environmental conditions; its long-life battery assures that assets, while detached, are protected for a long period of time without the need to recharge.

The system can be configured and managed remotely, including any rules and geo-fencing settings that you determine, giving you the freedom to control your assets anytime, anywhere. Real-time alerts when rules are breached or cellular jamming attacks occur guarantee that assets are protected at all times.

  • GSM/GPS tracking device which sits on a heavy-duty magnetic base; both are weather-resistant and durable in the harshest conditions

  • 3D accelerometer and shock sensor are integrated in the device reporting only when motion is detected to conserve battery power

  • Optional: Trailer ID identifying each asset using a unique number



Secures and protects mobile assets and unattached cargo



Alerts in real time when breaches occur



Includes a durable tracking device and long-life battery that rarely require any type of maintenance


Provides the freedom to control assets anytime, anywhere with the ability to configure and manage both onsite and remotely