Drivers busy performing their everyday tasks can always benefit from a reminder of simple, yet very important information on their route. Using location-based triggers is a great way to bring to their attention what is coming ahead.

Ituran’s Location Based Triggers (LBT) solution is an independent in-vehicle system that allows to create pre-defined location-based triggers which activate a selected in-vehicle alert mechanism (voice or other), based on vehicle’s current location. So, for example, if there’s a known speed- trap on the driver’s route by adding its location and trigger radius, and defining what type of in-vehicle notification to perform, driver will be alerted to be aware of driving speed when entering the zone.

Up to 40,000 landmarks can be predefined in LBT, and each can activate any pre-selected trigger: voice notification (“bus stop 200 meters ahead”), buzzer, automatic door-lock, flashing designated lights etc. Each location can also be defined by the direction the car is headed, and the legally permitted speed; length of trigger is also controlled, it can start prior to entering the zone, and end after leaving it.

And to make sure alerts are timely, and happen on-board as triggers occur, we designed LBT as an independent in-vehicle installed unit, which does not require an external server connection. LBT is a perfect solution for alerting when entering a school zone, bus stop, speed-trap ahead; automatically locking doors when entering a dangerous area; activating a piece of equipment (a concreate mixer for example), a few minutes prior to entering a site; turning car-lights on or off before getting on or leaving a highway and much more.



An independent in-vehicle device that stores up to 40,000 predefined landmarks and zones around them


Activates a selected trigger when approaching or entering thoes predefined locations


Triggers and alerts are activated in real-time, with no delay


Landmarks and alerts can be set/ changed from the device or remotely

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