Simplify vehicle maintenance and driver management with Ituran’s vehicle health solution, a system that gives you real time information on the health and condition of each vehicle in your fleet, and on the driving quality of every member of your team.

Assess the condition of any vehicle in the fleet with easy-to-read and act upon status reports that can be generated at any point in time. 24-hour diagnostics and real time notifications on business-critical information such as mechanical failures and irregular events help improve fleet management and driver efficiency, predict and prioritize vehicle maintenance issues, reduce vehicle wear and tear, improve vehicle availability and significantly lower operational costs. 

The system is secure as it is based on permissioning and enables only one-way transmission of information- from the vehicle to the system and not vice-versa.

Vehicle information includes: detailed information on engine, power transfer and braking system health; engine speed and temperature; brake pedal positioning; fuel level, tire pressure, odometer readings, oil pressure and temperature; acceleration levels, total engine hours, and more. Information availability is subject to car make and model.

  • 24-hour monitoring of vehicle engine, power transfer subsystem and braking systems health

  • Comprehensive reporting providing both general and detailed diagnostic reports

  • Real-time notification to enable immediate action



Streamlines maintenance operations by providing comprehensive reporting on the health and condition of vehicles in real time


Helps prevent irregular events by predicting vehicle maintenance issues


Reduces vehicle down-time, wear & tear and operational costs


Gives fleet managers, drivers and car owners the peace of mind in knowing all is under control

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